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What’s The Best Time Of The Week To Send Email To My List?

In trying to provide answer to this question, you’ve to put it at the back of your mind that there's no ‘one-day-fits-all’ answer. 

Some experts argue that Tuesday – Thursdays are best for mailing. They argue that you will get less response Friday - Monday. But this argument lacks logic.

The best time to send email to your list will depend on the specific list you're e-mailing to. And since the list is yours, it is left for you to find out what that time is. This method will help:

Split your list in two and send the exact same message out to each half of your list on different days. Then test and track over time to find out the best day of the week for your list.

Also, take a look at your site’s analytics to see what the busiest day and time is for your site in general to give you a starting point for your tests.